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Dear colleagues, the conditions required to become a member of our association are specified in our charter.

According to our statute;

Right to Become a Member and Membership Procedures

Article 3- Academicians (academic staff, lecturers or research assistants) with the title of dietician who have a capacity to act, who have worked at least 2 years in the related field of Nutrition and Dietetics in the Health Sciences Faculties / Health Sciences High School / Health High School etc. of Higher Education Institutions Individuals who have at least two years of dietitian experience in the relevant field in private or public institutions have the right to become a member of this association. Have the right to settle in Turkey to be a member of a foreign real person in need. This condition does not apply to honorary membership. Candidates who want to become members of the association fill in the "Membership Statement" and other documents to be determined by the board of directors, stating that they accept the provisions of the Association's Statute and include the necessary membership conditions. In order for the candidate's membership request to be processed, the proposal of at least one member is required. The membership application to be made in writing to the chairmanship of the association is decided by the board of directors of the association as acceptance or rejection of the request within thirty days at the most and the result is notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is recorded in the book to be kept for this purpose. An annual fee is collected with the entrance fee. The principal members of the association are the founders of the association and those who are accepted as members by the board of directors upon their application. Principal members have to pay dues. Those who have provided significant financial and moral support to the association can be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the board of directors. Honorary members do not have the right to be elected and elected for the organs of the association and are not obliged to pay the dues stipulated in the budget of the association. Those who are prohibited from being members of associations, those who are permanently dismissed from membership of the association for reasons other than the reason for not paying their dues, and those who are convicted of one of the crimes written in the articles of the Turkish Criminal Code, which are under the conditions specified in the clause 2 of Article 3 of the Association Law, provided that there is no contrary provision in the special laws. They cannot be members of the association.


Article 4- Each member has the right to leave the association, provided that they notify in writing. As soon as the resignation petition of the member reaches the board of directors, the exit procedures are deemed to have been completed. Quitting membership does not end the accumulated debts of the member to the association.

Dismissal from Membership

Article 5- Conditions requiring dismissal from association membership. 1- Behaving contrary to the association's charter, 2- Avoiding the assigned duties continuously, not performing the assigned duties, 3- Not paying the annual membership fee within six months despite written warnings, 4- Not complying with the decisions made by the organs of the association, 5- Losing the conditions of membership later 6- Failure to attend the general assembly meetings of the association, provided that no excuse is declared three times in a row. Those who leave or are removed from the association are deleted from the member registry and cannot claim rights on the assets of the association. The board of directors may apply for legal remedies if all the dues of the member who is dismissed or dismissed, other than the deceased member, are not paid.

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