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Name and Headquarters of the Association
Article 1-
Name of the Association: “Diabetes Dietician Association (DİYED)”. The center of the association is in Istanbul. Its branch will not be opened.
The Purpose of the Association and the Working Subjects and Forms to be Sustained by the Association and the Field of Activity
Article 2 Association, Faculty of Health Sciences of the University in Turkey, Health Sciences High School or the School of Health, Nutrition and Dietetics department graduated as a dietitian title and authority with a nutritionist, diabetes Dietitian from, improve diabetes education Dietitian area, medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, nutrition education and to support dieticians / dieticians / diabetic dieticians / diabetes education dieticians on diabetes, prevention of diabetes, medical nutrition therapy in diabetes, diabetes education required for self-management of diabetes, case management in diabetes, and contribute to their professional development in the light of current scientific information and ethical rules. was established with the aim of encouraging, supporting and developing diabetes dietician, diabetes education dietitian and case management in diabetes, which is an important health problem in our country.
Study Subjects and Types to be Continued by the Association
2.1- The European Union and other developed countries, taking into account the activities and practices of institutions and organizations active in the field of diabetes in Turkey diabetes Dietitian, diabetes education Dietitian and professional practice primarily in the field of case management in diabetes, standards of practice, to determine the rules of ethics, develop, update, publishing and evaluating applications,
2.2- To determine, develop and update the application stages and standards of medical nutrition therapy, which is one of the most important treatment steps in the treatment of diabetes, with the necessary lifestyle changes in the prevention of diabetes,
2.3- To announce the application steps and standards of medical nutrition therapy in the prevention and treatment of diabetes to its members, dieticians and other healthcare professionals working in the field of diabetes,
2.4- Guiding institutions, organizations and individuals serving people with diabetes in the field of diabetes dietitian, diabetes education dietitian and case management in diabetes,
2.5- Medical nutrition therapy, nutrition education and

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